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AtomType represents the chemical identity of a spin and can take on any of the abbreviations for elements found in the periodic table (e.g. H, C, N ...)

Each Spin has an AtomType which is assigned when the spin is created. The AtomType of a newly picked Spin is determined by the AtomType of the corresponding dimension of the spectrum.

The following objects have the attribute AtomType:

SpectrumType dimensions Spectrum dimensions Experiment Procedure Steps Spins PeakList? dimensions

Starting with Cara 1.8.4,

AtomTypes have been modified to represent the isotopic identity of a spin and can take in the abbreviations for any of the following isotopes (H1, H2, C12, C13, N14, N15) in addition to the abbreviations for the other elements found in the periodic table. Note that when an repository created by a cara version prior to 1.8.4 is opened with cara 1.8.4, by default the following AtomType conversions take place: H->H1, C->C13, N->N15.