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Sometimes it is necessary to edit repositories directly, because the desired changes cannot be achieved from within CARA.

General considerations

The repository is structured in html and therefore human-readable. Typically units of information are enclosed in html brackets. E.g. the beginning and ending of a project are indicated as follows:

   <project name='MyProtein' next='15' swf='2.000000' x='0.000000' y='0.000000' z='0.000000'>



Example of editing the wiki

Let's edit the sequence of a project (always back-up your repository file first!)

Immediately after the project start comes the sequence. Here is an example.

   <project name='bmr6313' next='15' swf='2.000000' x='0.000000' y='0.000000' z='0.000000'>
   <width atom='H' ppm='1.000000'/>
   <width atom='C' ppm='1.000000'/>
   <width atom='N' ppm='1.000000'/>
   <sequence >
   <residue id='1' type='SER' nr='1' chain=''/>
   <residue id='2' type='GLN' nr='2' chain=''/>
   <residue id='3' type='GLU' nr='3' chain=''/>
   <residue id='4' type='VAL' nr='4' chain=''/>
   <residue id='5' type='MET' nr='5' chain=''/>

   <residue id='128' type='ALA' nr='128' chain=''/>

If we want to change the valine at position 4 to a alanine then we edit the corresponding line to look like:

   <residue id='4' type='ALA' nr='4' chain=''/>

Store the repository and reopen it.

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