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multiplespectrumview lua script

Description: This script allows the user to overlay the contours of multiple spectra in different colors. The contour level parameters are separately adjustable for each spectrum.

Known Bugs: causes crashes of CARA on Linux. This bug is fixed in versions Cara and above.


  1. Persistence. Allow changes to Selection window and replot with new parameters.
  2. Printing. Allow printing to file or printer in color.


  1. Start the script. The Selection Dialog window appears.

    • Click in the box to select the spectra you wish to display.
    • Select their colors using the color palette.
    • Select a peaklist (optional)
  2. Execute the display by clicking the OK button.

  3. Use the usual commands to zoom and navigate: Ctrl-shift click-drag to zoom in, Ctrl-Shift-UpArrow/DownArrow/LeftArrow/RightArrow, Home (true for version 3: multiplespectrumview3.lua