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Cara keeps track of all relevant data relating to one or several projects in a single file. The file contains a library defining generic objects used during an assignment project (e.g. ResidueTypes, SpectrumTypes, Scripts) as well as project-specific data (e.g. sequence, spectra, chemical shifts). The file is in XML format and therefore also human-readable and called a repository. Repository filenames always end in ".cara".

In order to use the many useful features of Cara, it is necessary to load a template containing at least a standard library of ResidueTypes and SpectrumTypes.

Download a template repository from the download page.

To Start Cara with the example template you can use one of 3 approaches (here we assume the executable is named

and located in the programs folder)

Method 1


cara.exe Start1.2.cara

Method 2

Double-click the Icon for the template repository (e.g. Start1.2.cara)

Method 3

Start Cara either by typing


or double-clicking the icon for the executable.

Then use the menu bar file-open and select the template repository file "Start1.2.cara".

How to set it up on a MacComputer:

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