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Cara allows the definition of one or several PeakModels for each PeakList. The PeakModel represents the lineshape of peaks in each dimension of the spectrum.

Open a 2D spectrum with MonoScope and click on a Peak adjusting the cursor so that it is at the maximum. Now type "pp" to pick a peak.

The PeakModel can be displayed in the slice windows at the current cursor position by selecting the MonoScope menu Integrator-Show PeakModel. The cyan curve represents the lineshape of the PeakModel expected at the current cursor position in the 2D plane.

The BaseWidth of the peak can be displayed using Integrator-Show BaseWidth. The vertical lines represent the positions where the PeakModel has 55% of the full height.

The PeakModel can be adjusted to match the real lineshape with Integrator-Tune PeakModel. The width of the PeakModel can be adjusted interactively along the x- and y- dimensions of the 2D using the Slider-bars Width x and "Width y".

The lineshape can be interpolated using the balance slider between gaussian (1) and lorenzian (0).

The height of the PeakModel is determined by the intensity at the current cursor position in the plane. It is possible to search a small area around the cursor position for the maximum intensity by adjusting Integrator-peak tolerance.

Finally if the range of the Width slider is too small, this can be adjusted using the sliders labeled "Gain".