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Importing spectra into a project

To make full use of the capabilities of CARA, spectra should be loaded into a project containing a sequence.

To add a spectrum to the project, in the left panel of the main window click on your project node to expand it and right-click on the Spectra node. Select Add Spectrum. CARA will ask for the SpectrumType corresponding to your spectrum. It is important that you select the correct SpectrumType for the spectrum that you intend to add (E.g. select HSQC15N) and then select the data file of the spectrum. Currently the following file formats are available:

Importing multiple files:

You can also import a series of spectra that are all of the same type by control-clicking or shift-clicking multiple spectra in the file-selector dialog. Be aware that they will get the name of the data file, so that if you select 2rr files, all the spectra will have the same name. However, they have different paths and SpectrumId? numbers which distinguish them. None-the-less you will want to rename them so that they can be distinguished in the Scopes.

To rename a spectrum, right-click on it and select rename spectrum

You can display the loaded spectra using the various scopes which are introduced in the next section.

To open a spectrum using a given scope, click on the Spectra node of the project tree in the left panel of the main window. The list of available spectra appears in the right panel. Right click on the desired spectrum and select the desired scope. Note that some scopes are only available for spectra of a specific dimensionality.

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