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How to set it up on a Mac:

Due to compatibility issues between Qt and mac which cause bugs and crashes, the most stable option is to install WINE and run a windows executable of CARA.

Download WINE from here.

Afterwards download a windows executable of CARA from here and follow the instructions for windows.

If you have a PowerPC or Intel Mac running and OS before OSX, it also possible to use Darwin X11 as described below:

Install latest version of X11 for your architecture (PowerPC or Intel)

Download cara_1.5.3_osx and copy to your applications directory. Start X11 and go to directory where the download is (frequently /home/username/Desktop) E.g.

cd home/username/Desktop
cp cara_1.5.3_osx /home/username/APPLICATIONS/cara

cd to the directory that you copied it to: E.g.

cd /home/username/APPLICATIONS/

Make it executable: E.g.

chmod a+x cara

Make sure the directory is in the $PATH of your .cshrc file E.g.

nedit .cshrc
The line with"$PATH" should include the directory where the executable is located.
$PATH /home/username/APPLICATIONS

Now you can type one of the following in the X11 window and CARA will start:

To start cara without template:


To start cara with the standard template Change to the directory containing the standard template: E.g.

cd /home/username/CARAprojects/
Start CARA and open template
cara Start1.2.cara

To start cara with your own repository: Change to the directory containing your repository

cd /home/username/CARAprojects/
Start CARA and open repository
cara MyRepository.cara

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