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PolyScope(rotated) allows the user to change the orientation that
3D spectra are displayed using PolyScope. The user can display 3D
spectra in the same orientation as in SynchroScope.

A very easy way to do this is just to open the HSQC15N with PolyScope
and then select the 3D spectrum in the Strip (exactly like you would do
to set up SynchroScope.

Here is the long way:

  1. Select the 3D spectrum in the Main-Cara window.
  2. Open it with PolyScope(rotated).

  3. Switch the order of dim1 and dim2 in the dialog window.

  1. PolyScope(rotated) will display the plane from the 3D with X=dim0,Y=dim2
    (e.g. X=1H(acq),Y=15N in a 3D 15N-resolved [1H,1H]-NOESY)
    The strip displays dim1 (e.g. 1H(noe) in our NOESY example)
  2. Now switch the displayed spectrum in the plane to the 2D experiment with anchor spins
    (e.g. [1H,15N]-HSQC in our example).

  3. PolyScope(rotated) now displays the [1H,15N]-HSQC in the plane.
    Clicking on a System in the Plane displays the associated NOESY tower from the 3D.

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