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Just to see how this works.

Here is a sandbox test.

Now I edited the sandbox and added this text. nifty.

a new page:sandcastle

Here some text formatting. To format some text, surround the text with the indicated symbols.

one asterisk: italics

two asterisks: bold

underscore: underscore

single quote: monotype

thats it.

A bullet list begins with asterisk, dash or zero and then a space.

thats it.

How to avoid formatting by html, end previous line with two colons, start a new paragraph, (two new lines) and indent the line in question like this:


A heading

that was a heading. here is some indented text.
some more indented text.
and still more indented text


additional indentation
yet more at the same level of indent.

Next major heading

again an indent.
more of the same level