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SpinId is a unique number associated with each spin in a project. Each time a new spin is picked a new incremented number is assigned to the spin. SpinId has no meaning other than to associate a unique identifier with the spin.

When you click on the Spins in the CaraExplorer in the CARA project menu, then a list of all spins in the project is displayed (the SpinList?). The first column displays the SpinId of each spin.

When you click on a Spin in a StripWindow?, the SpinId is displayed on the StatusLine?.

Here the spins labeled "H" (SpinId 938) and "CA" (SpinId 939) of SpinSystem? 81 are marked with red arrows.

You can also see the SpinId of each spin in a system when you expand the system in the SystemList?.

Here the SpinSystem? 81 is expanded and Spin with label "CA" and SpinId 939 is indicated with a red arrow.