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Autocontour is a standard feature of CARA's contour drawing which automatically adjusts the contour level to a reasonable value for each displayed window. Autocontour determines the maximum intensity in the windows spectral region and determines a AutoContourLevelThreshhold from this. Therefore as you navigate to different spectral regions the ContourLevelThreshhold will change! For example, signals which may be visible in one view can dissapear as you navigate to a region with more intense signals (e.g. near the diagonal).

If you don't want this, you can turn off the View-Autocontour option for the window in question and switch to ManualContour mode.

The AutoContourLevelThreshhold determined by AutoContour can be scaled up or down using the parameter AutoContour Gain "ag". Enter "ag" on the status line followed by a scaling factor. E.g. 1.0 is the default value. If you enter 2.0 the AutoContour level will be increased by a factor of 2.0 so that weaker signals may dissapear.

Note that the AutoContourLevelThreshhold determined by AutoContour is independent from the manually set ContourLevelThreshhold used for ManualContour mode.


Shortcut to toggle AutoContour

You can toggle AutoContour on/off using the shortcut "ac". For scopes using 2D and 3D views, "zac" toggles the autocontour mode of the 3D.

AutoContour for StripScope

AutoContour can be useful for displaying Strips when some are weaker than others (e.g. line-broadening). Try adjusting "ag" so that you can see both weak and strong strips in a fragment of linked spinsystems.