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There are several ways to create a new project depending upon how much starting information you have and what format it is in. You can create an empty project, or you can start with the sequence or you can load the BRMB file. If you have been working with XEASY (or have a protonlist xeasy assignments file, then you will want to import the XEASY project. In addition import of other formats may be supported by scripts in the script collection.

To create an empty project right click on the "Projects" node of the repository tree.

Projects-New Project

You will be asked for a name for the project and the location of a sequence file if available (there is a script to generate a sequence file from a file containing the one-letter aminoacid code)

To create a project using the sequence, right-click on the Projects node and select

Projects-Import Project from Sequence

You will be asked for the sequence file location (navigater). The project is initially given the name of the sequence file. If the sequence file contains assignment information you would also be asked if the corresponding spin systems should be created. You should only do this if you are importing an XEASY project.

To create a project using a BMRB file, right-click on Projects and select

Projects-Import Project from BMRB

You will be asked for the location of the BMRB file. CARA will read the sequence, and the assignments from the file. Note that this import function only works for NMR STAR 2.1 format. The project will be named the same as the BMRB file.

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