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This is the help page for Zwiki version 0.21. The links beginning with "ZWiki:..." lead to additional documentation on zwiki.org.

What is this ?
User interface
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What is this ?

This is the ZWiki version of a WikiWikiWeb (or wiki), which is a kind of collaborative website. Wikis try to put as little as possible in the way of people sharing useful content in a manageable way. You can edit any page, add comments, and create new pages on the spot.

Intuitive text formatting rules are used to simplify the process of writing and linking pages. The idea is to keep the text that people edit simple, so it's readable as is, and, most importantly, editable by anyone, without sacrificing attractive presentation.

A zwiki site like this one may also function as a simple mail list.

User interface

If you see "full", "simple", "minimal" links below, you can click them to choose the UI that suits you best (cookies required). If you can't see one of the features described here, try clicking "full".

Many links and form elements have ZWiki:AccessKeys (keyboard shortcuts), which are convenient if your browser supports them.

You can set your user name, time zone and other things in UserOptions.


Each page has a unique name, which is used for the title, url and hyperlinks between pages; these are most often made by joining capitalized words together. See ZWiki:WikiName. Links like the last one (two wikinames separated by a colon) lead to another site. In full mode, pages are arranged in a hierarchy.

Email subscription

If you see a "subscribe" link below, you can subscribe to a page or the whole wiki to receive comments by mail. If configured, subscribers may also send comments by mail.


You have full editing rights to any page, unless restricted by the site admin or page owner. SandBox is the place to play with wiki page editing. You could open it in another window to test the things you read here.

Formatting rules in a nutshell:

(It's possible for the site admin or a page editor to set different rules; these are the default currently used on most zwiki sites.)

  1. WikiName?'s, [freeform page names in brackets]?, http://URLs , structured text-style links and ZWiki:RemoteWikiLinks are made into hyperlinks
  2. text beginning and ending with *, **, _ or ' is italic, bold, underlined or monospaced respectively
  3. one or more non-blank lines are run together form a paragraph; blank lines separate paragraphs
  4. a one-line "paragraph" followed by a more-indented paragraph makes a heading
  5. a paragraph beginning with - or * or 0. and a space makes a bullet or numbered list item; a more-indented list item starts a sub-list
  6. HTML tags may be used if necessary; on sites which permit it, DTML tags (server-side code) may also be used
  7. Some or all of the above rules may be escaped, by putting ! at the beginning of a link or a line LikeThis; by enclosing text in single quotes LikeThis ; or by indenting text after a paragraph ending with a double colon :
          escapes <HTML tags> and &dtml-too;

Finding out more

ZWiki, ZWiki:FrontPage, ZWiki:ZwikiDocs, ZWiki:ZwikiFAQ, ZWiki:KnownIssues, ZWiki:ZwikiTracker

Check this site's software is up-to-date with ZWiki:ZwikiAnalyzer

The latest version of this page is at ZWiki:HelpPage

More about wiki: WikiWikiWeb:FrontPage, WikiWikiWeb:EvolutionOfaWikizen


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