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CARA provides the "Overlay" feature to overlay contours from different spectra.

The user can define 1-10 layers each with their own color. A 2D spectrum can be associated with each layer. This allows series of spectra to be examined together with a fixed color series.

The overlay features are accessed in MonoScope and HomoScope from the menu "Overlay" and in PolyScope from the menu "Plane-Overlay".

Setting up an Overlay list

The number of layers is defined with "Overlay-Set layer count"

A single Overlay layer can be define using "Add Overlay layer" When a layer is added, the user must select the 2D spectrum to add from a pop-up list.

The order of the layers can be alterred with "Compose Layers". A list appears with all defined layers. A spectrum can be moved to another layer by selecting it and right-clicking "move up" or "move down". New layers can also be added from the "Compose Layers" list by right-clicking in the window and selecting "Add spectrum". The position of the added spectrum is determined by the currently selected spectrum in the list.

Defining Layer colors

Colors are associated with Layers, not spectra. The color of a spectrum is determined by it's position in the layer list.

To associate a color with a layer, first select the layer whose color you want to change with "Select Active Layer"

Next use "Set positive color" and "Set negative color" to set the colors for the positive and negative contours in this layer.