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Note: update news to reflect fix of WriteAssignments.lua bug

-- Last update: March 18, 2019<br>
- - **UPDATE** <a href="AllCaluaScripts#MarkScriptsToExportFileForAProgram">!PeakListToXplorConstraints.lua</a> writes out X-plor constraints from 2D NOESY peaklist, fixed some bugs
- - **UPDATE** <a href="#MarkScriptToModifyProjectAliases">!CopyAliasesAndInterpolate.lua</a>can interpolate alias shifts from two spectra to a third targe spectrum (good for titrations)
- Last update: October 7, 2019<br>

 - **UPDATE** <a href="AllCaluaScripts#MarkScriptsToExportFileForAProgram">!WriteAssignments.lua</a> fixed issue when BMRB format is written out using alias shifts

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CARA is a program for assignment of NMR resonances in biomacromolecules and was developed in the group of Kurt Wüthrich at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. It continues to be developed and supported and can easily be installed on all major platforms

This is the front page of the CARA documentation Wiki. A Wiki is a platform for joint editing of HTML pages. We use the ZOPE version of a Wiki, called ZWiki. You'll find general Zwiki documentation at ZWiki:ZwikiDocs. The CARA Wiki has a HelpPage, RecentChanges, UserOptions and contents. This Site is running on ZOPE version 2.0.

The Wiki can only be changed by members of the Cara Definition Team. We welcome feedback and suggestions related to the Wiki and to Cara! Please send email regarding the wiki to the CDT. If you have a bug to report or feature you would like to see, please contact us. We are currently developing a CARA forum to facilate communication among users. If you have problems which cannot be solved using the wiki, contact us. We like to hear from users!

If you find that links are stale or incorrect please let us know at CDT

CARA Documentation

  • OverView
    An overview of CARA's features. Here are some credits.
  • Download links
    Links to download CARA, templates and documentation, as well as CARA Release Information.

    Current Stable Release: in September 2016

    Latest alpha Release: 1.9.2a2 in October 2015

  • GettingStarted
    This is a brief introduction for new users explaining how to become productive with CARA.
  • Tutorials
    Many tutorials are available to introduce you to CARA's new tools and possibilities.
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Help and Support
    • KnownBugs and CARACrash resources
    • CaraBlog: CARA's Support, Discussion and Announcement Forum
    • IssueTracker: Users should enter feedback on specific issues and bugs here.

      NOTICE An archive of the original issue tracker (Nov. 30. 2012) can be found here. The new CARA Forum is online. It will be used for announcements on CARA developments as well as for logging user issues and giving feedback/


  • Last update: October 7, 2019
  • Previous update: April 27, 2018

Latest News on CARA and Cara wiki.


  • Extension of CARA for analysis of 4D spectra

  • CALUA: CARA's scripting language
    • >60 Scripts available as of September. 27, 2012.

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